Dog Gets Booped by Baby Kitten on the Nose

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This kitten has some nerve!  Booping a dog on the nose is a HUGE sign of disrespect!  So, what is a dog to do?  Well, watch the video until the end to see!



14 thoughts on “Dog Gets Booped by Baby Kitten on the Nose”

  1. Not funny! Kitten was being abused by large dog. Sheltie on table was frightened and needed help. He could have injured himself jumping down. Owner is no dog lover!

  2. How the hell is this funny? That adult dog is going to hurt that litten, probably while the morons that are laughing holding the camera. If anyone knows this household of @s%HOLES, please call the APL in your area. Sone ‘people’ should not be allowed access to the helpless … animal or human.


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