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Dog Gets Needed Hip Surgery Thanks to Pilot Veterinarian

by Katherine

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Lucy a rescue dog from Greensboro ,N.C., suffered from Legg-Calve Perthes disease (LPC) and on a routine vet check her illness was discovered. Her loving owner, a single mother, worried she wouldn’t be able to pay for her pet’s necessary and expensive surgery, but pet surgeon and pilot Dr. David T. Crouch offered to help and at no cost.

Dr.Couch (left) flew Lucy back home after performing LPC surgery.
Dr.Couch (left) flew Lucy back home after performing LPC surgery on the pet.

LCP is a disorder of hip joint conformation occurring in both humans and dogs. In dogs, it is most often seen in the miniature and toy breeds between the ages of four months to a year.

After Lucy’s own veterinarian discovered the illness, the pet owner reached out to Robin Manley, of Finding Great Homes Dog Rescue for help. Lucy was adopted from the rescue group in 2011 and her owner hoped the group could help get Lucy the surgery she needed. The surgery’s cost was well over $5,000 and Lucy’s owner knew she couldn’t afford to pay it on her own.

Finding Great Homes Dog Rescue had worked with Dr. David T. Crouch and Pilots N Paws in the past, they contacted him to see if he could help. Once Dr. Crouch saw Lucy’s x-rays he agreed to do the surgery for free and even fly Lucy in a jet, to his Asheville, N.C., practice where the surgery would take place.

On July 30th, Lucy hopped on a jet to get her surgery. Three days later, the dog flew back home and reunited with her owners.

Lucy is undergoing physical therapy and is expected to make a full recovery.

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