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Dog Gets Rescued from Bath

by Katherine

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Some dogs run for the hills when they sense their owners are about to give them a bath, others really enjoy bath time and can’t wait to get in the tub, but for Trixie, a little dog from Lewisville, Texas, bath time turned into a nightmare.

Kelsey Coburn’s was giving her dog a bath in the kitchen sink, when the small, soap-lathered pup stood up on all four legs and one of her back legs slid down into the sink’s drain. The dog’s small paw got stuck in the drain and the poor dog needed firefighters to come to her rescue.



“I didn’t know what to do so I called my mom and she told me to call the police officers, because they’d call the fire department out here and they’d help me,” Coburn told NBC News.

This was the first time Lewisville firefighters were called to rescue a dog from a kitchen sink, but being the heroes they are, the men arrived at the home ready to help the dog in need.

Cooking oil was used first to lubricate the dog’s leg and try to slip the paw past the drain, but when this approach failed, the rescue team dismantled the sink and took the dog to the nearest veterinarian with the drain still attached to the dog’s leg.

After going under anesthesia, Trixie was freed from the drain. Veterinarians and firefighters used ring cutters to get the drain off the dog’s paw.

After the ordeal the dog and her relieved owner went back home. Coburn said bath time won’t be taking place in the kitchen sink anymore.