Lost Dog

Dog Goes Missing Inside Pet Owner’s Home

by Katherine

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How many times have this happened to many of us? We are inside the house and we know there is no door or window open, but somehow Fido goes missing and even though we call out his name 100 times, the dog never answers or comes on command.

A man in England experienced just this and spent 20 minutes going crazy looking for the pet. The pet owner even sent his family text messages letting them know their 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier called Bear was lost. The missing pet was found 20 minutes later in an unusual place – the dishwasher. He was safe and sound.

Photo credit: StummDoggBillionaire/Reddit
Photo credit: StummDoggBillionaire/Reddit

The comical photo of Bear inside the dishwasher went viral after it was shared on Reddit by StummDoggBillionaire yesterday. The caption was: “My dad texts me and says my dog went missing, 20 minutes later he sends me this.”

This happens to many pet owners. We’ve known of dogs locked in closets, garages and bathrooms, but a dishwasher, that’s a first.

We’re glad Bear is ok.