Dog Goes to College and Gets Rescued

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A white German shepherd named Zeus found his way into the newsroom of the University of Kentucky’s student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, and thanks to the dog’s smart decision to go to class, he was rescued and reunited with his caretakers.

Photo credit: May May Barton
Photo credit: May May Barton

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, on Jan. 10, 2016, Zeus slipped out of his collar just outside Good Samaritan Hospital. Sadly, the dog’s owner passed away and a friend of the former dog owner was caring for the pet.

The news of the lost dog was shared on Facebook reaching many community members. Among those was Kentucky Kernel design adviser May May Barton. She too shared the post.

The following day while in class, Barton noticed a white dog walking outside the classroom’s window and at first nothing much was though of the roaming dog, but then she remembered the Facebook post and recognized Zeus.

Damir Kocer, design editor, went upstairs and found the dog staring at the entrance door. Kocer opened the door and Zeus walked inside and went straight to the newsroom.

The pet survived freezing temperatures the night before and his paws were bloody but overall he was in good health.

Barton contacted the person who originally shared the “Lost Dog” post and soon after that Zeus was reunited with his caretaker.