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Dog Guards Abandoned Baby Overnight


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A dog from the Russian city of Saratov is being credited with guarding a baby overnight in a city park after the child’s mother had a few too many drinks and forgot about it.

The 22-year old mother (and owner of the dog) said that while taking son Vadim and their Rottweiler Lada for a walk in the park, she met friends who invited her out for a few drinks.  She took them up on the offer, and stumbled home drunk hours later after consuming more than a few beers, Saratov news agency reports.

It just happened so that night,” Olga later confessed to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

When Olga awoke the next morning it occurred to her that she had left her child and her dog behind. She panicked and called her parents, telling them that her son had been stolen. They rushed to her apartment to assist in the search for the missing boy and started calling a number of her friends to ask if they had any knowledge of the child’s whereabouts.

Shortly thereafter, Olga’s father went searching for his missing grandson on foot. In a matter of minutes he found Vadim at the park, still parked in his stroller. His faithful dog Lada sat calmly beside him, keeping watch over the boy as she had throughout the night.

According to Olga’s neighbors, “The weather was quite warm, so the baby even managed not to catch cold. Thank God, the dog had been guarding the whole night and had been keeping away all strangers.”

Olga’s mother has taken temporary custody of her grandson while officials consider potential charges in the case.