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Dog Hit by Car Needs Forever Home

by Katherine

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130619 Jonsey1
Photo Credit: Julie Spradlin-Lawson

In early May, Jonsey, a brindle Boxer mix, believed to be 2 or 3-years old was hit by car in Billings, Mo. A single mother of six children, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, rescued him. With the help of her sister, the women reached out to Springfield Lost and Found Paws Facebook page to get him some help.

Julie Spradlin-Lawson saw Jonsey’s post and stepped up to help him. She coordinated to have him looked at by veterinarians from Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital in Nixa, Mo. In the mean time, she looks for ways to help cover the dog’s boarding and medical costs.

When the dog first arrived at the hospital, veterinarians learned that Jonsey had his front-right leg fractured. They recommended placing him on strict cage rest for 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, funds were collected to cover the cost of the surgery. This is approximately $1,800 for surgery and $16 a day for the boarding.

A specialist was also called to consult on the stray’s injury. X-rays were taken and showed that the recommended cage rest allowed the injury to heal on its own as best as it could.

“The specialist gave the option to perform the surgery, but not doing the surgery will be less traumatic for the dog” said Cobblestone office manager S.J. Brogdon. “He will always have a limp, but he can put weight on that leg if he wants to.”

“The specialist and the doctor recommended not doing this surgery at this time,” said Lawson. “Surgery will mean breaking his leg and starting all over again. [Jonsey] is not in any pain right now.”

Jonsey is a happy dog like any other loved house pet would be, the difference is that he doesn’t have a family to call his own and for the past 40 days he has been living at the hospital.

Lawson started the Help Jonsey Facebook page, and through it she found good-hearted donors that have contributed towards Jonsey’s medical and boarding expenses. So far they have collected close to $1,000. These donations show there is some interest from the community to help Jonsey, and this is why the surgery is not ruled out completely.

130619 Jonsey2
Photo Credit: Julie Spradlin-Lawson

Lawson and the hospital staff want Jonsey to find his forever home first. If he is lucky enough to get a foster parent or adopter, then doing the surgery is more feasible.

“Doing the surgery while he is still at the vet is not what’s best for him,” said Lawson. “If he gets a foster or and adopter that will help him heal then we can do the surgery, but that is something I need to talk about with the vets later on today.”

According to SJ, a few people have come forward interested in Jonsey, but more are needed.

“Most people are willing to donate money, but what he needs is to go to a good home,” said SJ.

Lawson and the hospital have reached out to local rescue groups to try and network Jonsey. Getting him out in front of people looking to add a dog to their family is the best chance he has of getting out of the hospital.

“I am very ready to leave my place at the vet clinic and the wonderful friends I have here to enjoy my own home and yard and a human companion forever,” ‘Jonsey’ said on his Facebook page on June 17, 2013. “Thank you to everyone here who is helping me. Please keep trying to find someone for me!”

If you are interested in donating towards his medical and boarding costs, you can do so directly by contacting Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital at 417-725-2273.

If you want to meet and adopt Jonsey, contact Julie Spradlin-Lawson by email at [email protected] or by calling 417-889-9105.