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Dog Hoards Cash For Cookies!

by Amy Drew

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This Lab really knows how to stash the cheddar!

Five-year-old Holly learned early on that money could be traded for goods. And by goods, we mean treats!

Casi Cook, Holly’s owner, told ABC News the story.

“She would take money from us, and then we’d chase her around trying to get it back, luring her with cookies. She figured out pretty quickly that money could buy her treats,” Cook said.

She says that Holly isn’t just smart, she’s sneaky!

“She’ll come up to me and ask for a treat, and I’ll say, ‘OK, but you have to give me a dollar,’ and she’ll run, get the money and give it to me,” Cook said. “Or we’ll be eating dinner and about to finish, and she’ll come over and drop a dollar in my lap as a way of letting me know she’d like her cookie now.”

There’s often cash lying around the house as Cook, a restaurant worker, brings home tips.

“I’ll come home and be counting my tips, and she’ll hear it from downstairs and come running. She takes it from our bags or off counters.”

Cook added, “It’s odd, but it’s a lot of fun.”