Dog is Mourned After Heroically Saving Owner From Tiger

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tiger attack

If anyone ever had a doubt about man’s best friend, they need only hear the story of Jacky to change their mind.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, there is a dog being heralded as a hero for giving his life up to save his owner.  Gurdev Singh, a farmer, was sleeping outside of his house which is located in a small village not far from the Dudhwa National Park.  Jacky, Singh’s every faithful companion, slept right beside him, until disturbed by a tiger he smelled in the immediate vicinity. Jacky tried to rouse Singh and alert him to the immanent danger.

As Singh drowsily awoke,the tiger attacked and Jacky began to defend his owner.  The dog gave the farmer enough time to grab a stick, yell out, and start to defend against the animal. In the horrific frey, Jacky, severely injured, was dragged off by the viscous animal. Singh’s family rushed out of the house and quickly began their search for the four-year-old hero. Sadly, Jacky’s body was recovered some distance away.  Forest officials were notified of the tiger’s presence, and the family, grieved over their loss, buried the dog who had so heroically fought off the tiger without thought to himself, only that of his owner.

“Jacky’s mother was a street dog and my children, Supreet and Gulshanpreet, took it in four years ago as a pup. It was a part of our family and used to follow them to school. Gulshanpreet is inconsolable and didn’t eat for a day. Jacky returned the favour of a few chapatis a day by giving up its life. I wish humans could learn from it how to love others and show devotion,” Singh told the Times of India.

A forest ranger stated the tiger’s appearance in the village was not entirely surprising, given the population of large cats in the region is very high and, as humans have encroached on the area, they will often come into villages looking for food.

Jacky, greatly missed by his family, is a standing testament to the loyalty of a dog to their humans.  He gave his own life saving the one who had taken him out of a life on the streets.  Jacky is the true personification of the word loyalty.

22 thoughts on “Dog is Mourned After Heroically Saving Owner From Tiger”

  1. This dog really was a hero! How many humans would put themselves in peril like this dog did for his beloved human? So sorry for this family. They certainly had a special friend in this dog! R.I.P beautiful boy.

    • Tigers are an endangered species. If they didn’t have a few Indians for dinner every so often, they might be extict now. Not like Indians are close to extinction.

    • I salute the dog, but the tiger is NOT pure evil. What would you do if other HUMANS encroached on your territory, and prevented YOU from eating??

    • The scientist said that humans had been encroaching on tiger territories. As the Indian population is set to overtake China in 2 years, it is not surprising that tigers have increasingly “invading” human territories.

    • As sad as this tale was for the dog and its owners, the tiger was just being itself.

      The kill tally for tigers and humans is still comfortably in the human column.

  2. The tiger was doing what tigers do. The dog did its thing, just as dogs do.

    And Andrea, thank you for the story. You need an editor.

  3. The dedicated and loyal dog surrendered its life for rescuing his master, it a highly respectable deed. We should lament for Jacky for its heroic act. It expedient for him to die so that a human lives on. His atonement and sacrifice worth bragging and shout about. Proclaim him ‘The Dog of the Year’

  4. Do we know what happened with tiger actually?
    It will never end surprising me how many (not all of course) dog lovers don’t like cats.
    Same goes for cat lovers who look at dogs, as rather limited animals and being loyal to humans only because humans somehow managed to break their will. It is so obvious to cats, which look like royalties in comparison..

  5. As with ALL pets,Best Friends,Comarades,Loving Escorts,& The Best thing that comes into our lives…. Praise them, Never Forget them, & Greet them again, on the “Rainbow Bridge”. Just Like Gilligan… 🙂 God Have Mercy


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