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Dog Is Given a Camera and Takes Some Amazing Photos

by Fred

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Tula is a four-year-old rescue dog.  One of her favorite things to do is go to the dog park and play with her doggy friends.  Her humans outfitted her with a camera, and the pictures she’s been taking are going viral.


4.6.16 - Susie2


Tula’s human Ken, and Ken’s daughter Susie all love going to the park, and Susie was trying to get good action shots of Tula and her friends at play.  It was fun, but there was just one problem with it.  No matter what she posted to the Instagram page that she had created for Tula, it just didn’t seem to capture exactly what she wanted to show everyone.


4.6.16 - Susie3


“It really wasn’t working because when I got close to the dogs and they were playing, they’d just stop playing and pay attention to me,” said Susie.


4.6.16 - Susie4


This is when Susie came up with the idea of figuring out a way to affix a camera to Tula and let her take the action shots.  She put a GoPro Mini-Cam by Hero on Tula, using a special dog harness.  Now as Tula runs around and plays with her friends, she gets some incredible shots that are posted to the Instagram page.


4.6.16 - Susie5


“I really like capturing what the dogs would be like if humans weren’t there and capturing true interactions,” said Susie.  “There’s pictures of dogs in the air with no feet on the ground, (and) they look like little ballerinas; and dogs like mid jump that are really, REALLY cute.  One of the articles that was published on Facebook got two thousand shares on Facebook, so the response has been really amazing.”


4.6.16 - Susie6


We’ll leave the final judgement to you the readers, but in our book, these are some pretty cool photos, and it’s a ton of fun to flip through all of Tula’s photos with her friends on their Instagram page.  Have you ever put a camera on your dog to take photos or video?  Share with us on our Facebook page!


4.6.16 - SusieFEAT