Dog Is Utterly Bewildered by a Flower Petal

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This chocolate Lab is no spring chicken, yet is remarkably confused by something so commonly seen in spring – a flower petal.  See her reaction to this intruder.



9 thoughts on “Dog Is Utterly Bewildered by a Flower Petal”

  1. Did no one else notice the scars on the back of that dog?

    After noticing that I didn’t think it was amusing at all.

    The poor pup may have been a bait dog, my guess, and had never seen a flower petal.

  2. Rather than foolish, I’d think the dog is being a bit more clever and a thinker. seeing as poisonous creatures in general give of bright colours as a warning, he probably thinks its dangerous but is still curious about it so is ‘staying out of reach’ lol 🙂


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