Dog Is Wrongfully Used in Electoral Campaign

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Peru’s Congresswoman Keiko Fujimori is doing damage control after a dog was used as a medium to advertise her presidential campaign in the city if Talara. The dog was photographed wearing the candidate’s name in bright red paint on his torso.

Photo credit: Diario El Popular
Photo credit: Diario El Popular

It is unknown if an unofficial campaign worker or a supporter came up with the idea to abuse the dog, but animal lovers across the country are now outraged about the unjust treatment the animal received.

Potential voters have taken to social media to voice their opinion about the animal abuse and to make sure the candidate knows they are withdrawing their support. If Fujimori thought painting a dog to promote her campaign was the right move, she better not keep her hopes up about winning. Peruvians say they do not want an animal abuser in power.

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