Dog Loses Leg Protecting Owner from Armed Intruder

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On July 23, 2013, an armed intruder broke into a home in Accomack County, Va., and shot Lefty, a female Pit bull, who came forward to protect her owner.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Animal Hospital
Photo Credit: Atlantic Animal Hospital

The intruder came in with a shotgun and when Lefty approached the trespasser, the armed individual shot the dog shattering the pet’s shoulder and tearing off the soft tissue from the canine’s front leg.

Lefty was taken to Atlantic Animal Hospital (AAH) were surgery was performed. Unfortunately the gun’s blast damaged her leg and it had to be amputated. The surgery cost was $1,500 and the hospital took to social media platforms to urge the public to donate and help cover Lefty’s medical expenses.

When AAH posted on their Facebook wall Lefty’s story, people started donating to help the hero dog that risked her life to save her owner’s. Enough donations came in and all medical expenses for this brave canine where paid in full.

“I was just amazed at how many people responded,” said Dr. Michele Leatherbury, owner of Atlantic Animal Hospital. “It was incredible.”

Lefty left the hospital on Monday, July 29, and is expected to make a full recovery under the loving care of her owner.


0 thoughts on “Dog Loses Leg Protecting Owner from Armed Intruder”

  1. I hope the intruder gets a nasty, deadly, surprise the next time they try this again, and we all know they will try again…

    Good on ye Lefty, you’re still a beautiful wee girl !

    I give a huge thanks to all the donators that help pay for this wee girls medical care, you are all wonderful people for doing so, Thank You !

  2. That’s what they do. A dog will give it’s life to protect it’s family, and all they ask is for love in return. Get better soon Lefty. I think some filet mignon will be in order when she has recovered. The dirtbag that did this needs to go away for a loooooooooong time.

  3. Not trying to be funny in the least, but they named her Lefty before the accident?
    She is a beauty!

    Thank goodness she will be ok, she should get a hero award for sure!


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