Dog Lost At Sea Rescued by Passing Lobster Boat Worker

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NORTH HAVEN, MAINE -- Maddie was rescued Friday from the waters in Penobscot Bay.
NORTH HAVEN, MAINE — Maddie was rescued Friday from the waters in Penobscot Bay.


Near North Haven, Maine, a dog called Maddie found herself falling out of her human’s boat while out to sea.  Thankfully, a lobster fishing boat had been passing by the area near where she was lost, and they were able to rescue her.  Talk about one luck dog!

“This is one lucky dog.  Maddie was recently enjoying a day on-board her owner’s recreational boat near North Haven when she went in the water.  The owner did not immediately notice and she spent some time swimming for her life until North Haven lobsterman Corey Beverage saw her and plucked her from the water, most certainly saving her life,” said the Maine Marine Patrol.

After Beverage was able to get a hold of Maddie and get her to safety, the other men on the boat went to call marine patrol to let them know what happened.  The marine patrol officers then got to work locating Maddie’s humans so she could be reunited.

According to Beverage, he had a relative that had lost a dog in that very same way.  He knew just how awful things were for that person when they lost their dog at sea, and wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he didn’t do something to help.

With this being summer, more people will be out on the water in more areas, and there will also be more dogs around as well.  Make sure you make every effort to ensure your dog’s safety, whether you’re on a boat out on the water, or if you’re on the beach.  Remember, safety first!