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Dog Lost in Idaho, Found in Minnesota


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A Bethel, MN woman is nursing a lost dog back to health after finding her on the side of the road this weekend – 1300 miles from home. 

“When we found her, she was crying,” Katy Murschel said. “She would try and wag her tail but she was crying. You could feel her bones. Her hip bones are definitely sticking out.”

Murschel had the dog scanned for a microchip and was able to contact the prior owner of the dog, who expressed little or no concern for their lost pet. “She didn’t ask how she was,” Murschel said. As sad as that may be, it’s likely good news for Polly, who has taken up permanent residence with Murschel and her menagerie of animals – many of them adopted by Murschel, who just so happens to work for Paws 4 a Cause.

While no explanation for her 1300 mile journey has been determined, perhaps Polly ended up exactly where she needed to be – where she was wanted.

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