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Dog Loves Watching TV So Much That Her Family Got One Just for Her

by Melanie

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Bella loves TV so much that she can’t stop wagging at break-tail speed, and now she looks just like Lucky from One Hundred and One Dalmatians.






The comments on this video are just fantastic:


Troy Wilson These dogs nowadays don’t go outside. They’re always stuck in front of the TV, rotting their brains. When I was a kid, dogs played outside, dug holes in the yard, and chased mailmen. Shameful ?????

———–  Megan Lauder Damned millennials! ???

Taz ByanyMeans I don’t think the dog should be sitting so close to the TV ?

Brandy Love My chi watches tv. Depending on what’s on. He was growling and barking one day didn’t know why. He was watching Jack Hanna and didn’t like the other guy on there. It was hilarious.

Carole Johnsen Powell All good vets recommend no more than 20 minutes of tv time a day!


And now for some clips of Lucky watching TV, because he’s just so damn cute!