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Dog Makes Best Friends With a Pair of Rats

by Fred

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Osiris is a four-year-old Dutch shepherd, and has a very interesting pair of best friends.  Osiris has been besties with a rat called Riff Ratt for some time now.  Both are rescue animals, and share a very deep bond with each other.

“Osiris was found in a parking lot in Detroit as a tiny puppy on Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago, and I was asked to foster him for the weekend,” said Mickey Alice Kwapis, Osiris’s human mom. “Needless to say, I fell in love and we decided to keep him forever.”


4.13.16 - rat dog2


Riff is one years old, and lives with Osiris in Chicago.  They also have other rescue siblings.  One is another rat called Milhouse, and there is a cat as well.  Together, they make for an adorable motley crew.

As you can see, Osiris and Riff are cuddle buddies.  They take all the time they can to hang out together, and take long naps on lazy afternoons together.  It is absolutely heart-warming to see how gentile Osiris is with Riff and Milhouse.

No one in the family gets left out.  You’ll often find the group of them together, snoozing together or just watching the world go by out a window.  They may be an odd assortment of rescue animals but species doesn’t seem to matter to them.


4.13.16 - rat dog3