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Dog Missing from Family for Over a Year Gets Thanksgiving Miracle Reunion

by Fred

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A family got an amazing Thanksgiving Day wish-come-true so to speak, and it’s all thanks to a video posted on social media by Front Street Shelter.  The video posted not only featured free adoptions through to New Year’s Eve, but it also featured a dog that had been missing from her family for a little over a year.  All it took was one glance at the dog in the video for Zhanna Koryaka to KNOW that was her dog she was seeing.

“The demeanor, the way she looked to the side,” said Zhanna.  “I was like ‘That’s Ruby!'”

It had been the first glimpse of Ruby that anyone in the family has had in over a year.  The last time anyone in the family saw her was in October of 2015.  They had let Ruby out in the yard to do her business, and apparently someone had left the front gate open.

“After a while I lost hope,” said Val Koryaka, Zhanna’s husband.  “My wife still checked online and Facebook pages.”

They spent months looking for Ruby.  They checked every shelter in the area, posted fliers all over the neighborhood and surrounding area.  No matter how hard they tried, Ruby was just not turning up anywhere.  At this same time, Zhanna was also 8 months pregnant.  Soon after Ruby disappeared, their baby was born, which shifted the couple’s priorities a little bit.

“We were so busy with the baby,” said Zhanna.  “We prayed about it a lot.  We surrendered the situation to God.”

Well, it may have taken about a year for them to find Ruby, but their prayers were eventually answered.  The very moment that they saw her on the video, they went straight to the shelter to get her back.  It turns out that Ruby has a few very unique markings, like a small scar above her left eye, and a birthmark both on and under her tongue.  With that information, there’s no question that this was their dog.

“Everything about her. Her demeanor, her walk, her personality. It’s the same,” said Zhanna.

The family is just over the moon with the fact that they got to celebrate Thanksgiving all as one big family.  Not only did they have Ruby back, but Ruby got to meet her new baby sister for the first time as well.  We’re told they hit it off straight away.

“We’re extremely thankful to God. He brought Ruby home,” said Val.  “Now we can celebrate Thanksgiving all together.”