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Dog Mom Desperate to Keep Her Baby Alive

by Melanie

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6.19.15 - Doobie's Surgery4


The following plea comes from McKel Matthews:

I am raising money so my dog Doobie can get ACL surgery. He is two years old and is my best friend. He is a very energetic dog and loves to be outside. He tore his ACL playing fetch and because my family hasn’t been able to afford his surgery, his other ACL has torn as well. He can’t walk without carrying his back legs so we are worried that his front legs will blow out as well. As a result, he will have to be put down. 


6.19.15 - Doobie's Surgery2


He’s still such a happy dog even though he’s in pain. He loves people and loves other dogs. He’s playful and loves to snuggle. Right now his favorite thing to do is lay out in the sunshine. Yesterday was the first day that he completely stopped using his back left leg. I have to help him down the stairs on our porch to help him go to the bathroom. We have been giving him painkillers to help with the pain. Today he wouldn’t eat and I’m really worried about it. I’ve tried to get care credit but I don’t have enough credit to be approved. I made a gofundme page because I don’t know how else to raise the money.


6.19.15 - Doobie's Surgery1


I am asking for help so he can have the life he deserves. It breaks my heart that we cannot afford the surgery on our own. I love my dog and I just want him to have a better life. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. It hurts to see him suffer and I appreciate any help.

If you would like to help save Doobie’s life, please click here.


6.19.15 - Doobie's Surgery3