Dog-Napper Steals Canine, Leaves Note Explaining Theft

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A Michigan family is demanding the safe return of their family pet after a thief stole it and left a note behind explaining the theft.

Adriana Perez said her Husky, Aspen, disappeared from her Benton Harbor back yard, and in his place was a letter criticizing her for being a bad dog owner for leaving him in a dog house alone.

“I wanted to write to you and explain to you why we took your dog,” it reads. The letter declares that pets are pack animals and require companionship. It was signed, “Sincerely, someone who loves all dogs.”

“To leave a letter, it was a slap in the face,” said an angry Perez.


0 thoughts on “Dog-Napper Steals Canine, Leaves Note Explaining Theft”

  1. Such a tough call. It breaks my heart to see dogs just sitting outside. I guess it depends on how often it happens and what the weather was. But it is their dog. I must admit there’s a dog that roams our neighborhood in the heat of the day with no water b/c the owner just leaves it out. I’ve considered confiscating her a time or two!

    • Doesn’t your town have any laws regarding animal care or leach/fence ordinances? Call the cops on your dumb ass neighbor. If the neighbor doesn’t have vet papers and tags for the dog, you probably could take the dog as your own, legally. Do you put out food and water for it? Someone has to.

  2. If you’re going to have a dog just to tie him up…you shouldn’t have a dog. If you don’t have a fenced yard to let your dog roam around in…don’t have a dog.

  3. i DO think you are a bad owner if you tether your animal 24/7. why own an animal if you are going to leave them outside, alone. evidently there were calls on this pet before. i am sure there is more to this story……


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