Caught on Camera: Dog Narrowly Escapes Gator Attack

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If you live in the Southern third of the US and take your dogs swimming with any frequency, you have our utmost respect now that we’ve seen what you’re up against!

This Floridian went for a stroll with his dog in a local park and was subject to a surprise visit from an Alligator. While the video ends abruptly, the YouTuber who uploaded it said the dog is fine – they were able to get out of the way just before the Gator struck.

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125 thoughts on “Caught on Camera: Dog Narrowly Escapes Gator Attack”

  1. Sheesh, if you live in an area with gators, why take your dog there in the first place? More stupid humans.

    • I totally agree! I’m not going to say he’s an idiot… then, he has the stupidity to put it on a website?!? The dog deserves better.

        • I’m the owner of the dog, i’m not a idiot, i rescued him from the shelter, and gators are not known to be in this area, even tho they are everywhere in Florida, I’ve been here 25 years and i use to catch them. so before you say something know the facts. people take their dogs here all the time and never had a problem. the black dog in the vid is our puppy do you honestly think i would put my dogs or “kids” (cuz my dogs are spoiled rotten) in harm on purpose.

          • I don’t think you had any intention of letting you dog get hurt ! Keep on keepin’ on and tell them to f&$%#*&^ck off !!!

          • Yeah, I think the initial comments were uncalled for. This could’ve happened to anybody. I’d just disregard those comments. Sometimes people sort of talk without really thinking it through online, and then you’ve got a comment that would never have happened in person, preserved for all eternity, lol πŸ™‚

            So glad your dog is OK! That was a close call!

  2. Wow. If I knew there was risks of gators where I live I would never take my dog (or myself) up to the water like that. I hear gators kill pets all the time like that. smh


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