Dog Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty after Malnourished Attic Dog Gets Rescued

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CNY SPCA rescued a 5-year-old female pit bull-boxer mix from Syracuse, New York, after they received reports that the dog was living chained-up in an attic.

Coco on her way to a healthy life. Photo Credit: CNY SPCA
Coco on her way to a healthy life. Photo Credit: CNY SPCA

When animal rescuers arrived at 2426 E. Genesee St., on October 8, 2013, they found Coco in deplorable conditions. The pet was starving and living in her own feces.

Coco weighed 40 pounds when seized from the property, her healthy weight should be around 65 pounds.

CNY SPCA Executive Director Paul Morgan said Coco is under the care of veterinarians and they are helping her gain weight. Vets are studying her condition to make sure she has no underlying medical issues.

Authorities identified Coco’s owner and abuser as 40-year old Melani Freeman. She is being charged with three counts of animal cruelty including improper confinement, failure to provide medical care and failure to provide proper sustenance.

The CNY SPCA needs donations to help cover Coco’s medical costs. Those interested in helping Coco and other animals under their care can contact 315-454-4479 or visit

0 thoughts on “Dog Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty after Malnourished Attic Dog Gets Rescued”

  1. People are sick! If you can’t take care of an animal, don’t have time for an animal, don’t want an animal around your baby, aren’t willing to train your animal then PLEASE DO NOT GET A PET. They should be an important member of your family and not treated like this! I hate people and this monster should never be allowed another animal again! Anyway CoCo you are safe now sweetie, hope your new life is loving and filled with lots of treats!

  2. animal cruelty charges need to be more severe. most people get away with some measly community hours or not legally allowed to have pets for 6 months or something…this is sick…THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO BE IN JAIL FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!

  3. Whoever notified the authorities I would like to to thank for getting this dog to a safer place, I encourage anyone who knows or sees pet abuse in any way to please let your local authorities know, and follow up to make sure these pets are removed from harmful and inhumane care. These animals don’t deserve to be in the care of these sick and subhuman individuals, I’m ashamed for my species if you can call them human but justice for these animals depends on these humans ability to know that this is horribly wrong, and for us to act on these animals behalf. Pets=Love


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