Dog Powered Travel

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Lina Naughtin says that she’s always wanted a horse, but is making due with a happy, willing substitute: the Winter Park, FL woman is often seen rolling through town in a dog drawn cart.

The ancient tradition of dog carting is enjoying a bit of a revival among enthusiastic hobbyists. Naughtin says that while she does get a few funny looks, people love the fact that her Treeing Walker Coonhound Broly gets so fired up for his daily workout.

29 thoughts on “Dog Powered Travel”

  1. That’s pretty funny. Both dog and owner look like they are having fun. Maybe we will try that with our dog. He weighs 118 and is full of energy. My husband takes him on a four mile run but I think he could do the pulling.

  2. Awesome…my dog would love it for the sheer go, go, go…she’s a Shepard, Rottweiler, Husky mix. When I walk her she sometimes acts like she’s pulling a sled or wants too! LOL!


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