Dog Rescued After 12 Years of Living in an Alley

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5.31.15 - Dog Rescued After 12 Years Living in an Alley1


From Guardians of Rescue:

Imagine hearing the painful cries all night long. Cookie is slowing dying and needs our help immediately! On Easter Sunday, Cookie was abandoned in a very small alleyway while her family got evicted. Once the family left, they never came back for her.

The neighbors in the surrounding buildings have been caring for Cookie but couldn’t allow her inside. A good Samaritan named Jasmin called around for help and Guardians Of Rescue and Keno’s Animal Rescue have stepped up!

Cookie’s appetite has diminished and she is getting thin pretty quickly. When it rained she was stuck in a severely flooded area being soaked until the weather dried out.

Guardians Of Rescue needs your help! We are full to capacity and need an IMMEDIATE foster for this poor girl. She is 5-6 years old, great with children, dogs, and even is good with the local feral cats!

Cookie will be completely vetted before she goes into foster/forever home courtesy of Keno’s Animal Rescue who took her out of this situation. Please be her Guardian and foster/adopt today!!! Please email [email protected]. Thank you, Jasmin, for caring enough about Cookie and looking for help.


5.31.15 - Dog Rescued After 12 Years Living in an Alley2



GOOD NEWS! A lot of people have stepped up and offered to foster or adopt Cookie! She is now at the Brooklyn Veterinary Group and will be no longer in the alleyway! It has come to our attention that Cookie has been out there for longer than we thought.

This is actually her first time out of the alley way in 12 years! She has never been in a car, either. Cookie will never see this life again! Thank you to everyone who stepped up and wanted to give her a loving home.

When people work together animals get saved!

James Jiuliani from Keno’s Rescue and from The Diamond Collar stepped for this mission. It was not just taking her out of the alley, but the superintendent wanted to leave her in the alley as a watch dog!

Well, James convinced him real quick that this was not an option.

He then took her to the Brooklyn Veterinary Group, then to Diamond Collar for a fresh grooming.

After all thumbs up, she was placed with Alexis DeMartino to give this senior dog the best remaining years of her life.

Thank you James, Lena, Dr. Pernice, and Alexis De Martino.

Job well done!

16 thoughts on “Dog Rescued After 12 Years of Living in an Alley”

    • You are a very selfish person, i pray if you ever need help and we all do at one point in our life. I hope your not surrounded by selfish people and you are able to get the help you need. I hope you also don’t have any animals because you need to put them up for adoption because they have a better chance of surviving without you.

    • Sam you should never be allowed to have a dog or pet. Your kind is the reason such cruelty exists. Enjoy hell.

    • I noticed the same thing. And it says she was abandoned there on Easter Sunday .. which leads me to believe it was this past one and not more than a year ago. I am a dog lover and have had several rescues but am leary when stories seem to be riddled with errors.

  1. People.learn to read and comprehend! The original story in trying to get her help,the guess was 5-6 yrs,but after talking to people and while rescuing her,they found out it had been 12 yrs not 5 or 6 like they thought. That according to what was said after the word UPDATE

  2. Im glad this story had a happy ending for the dog but why did it take the tenants that were feeding him 12 years to seek out real help? Ive fed stray cats in my neighborhood for years but I didnt just heartlessly forget they had to battle Chicago winters. I took some in and provided shelter on my balcony for others. I even took some to shelters with hope for adoption because I couldn’t afford(and was not allowed) more than 2 cats in my apt. just feel bad that this dog had to spend so much time alone. God bless the person who adopts him.


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