Dog Rescued After DAYS on Phoenix Rooftop!

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Bad enough for a pup to be trapped outside in the Arizona heat on the ground. The lanky, little Chihuahua mix that rescuers are calling (wait for it) ROOFUS was marooned on a rooftop!

“He seemed very calm being up on the roof. He was walking around didn’t seem to be afraid kept going back to forth side to side obviously wasn’t afraid of falling off,” Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officer John Reynolds told ABC 15.

Animal control officers he may have been trapped up there for as long as a week!

A ladder and some dog food were enough to lure the little guy in close enough to get him down from the roof and at last safe from peril

“When I picked him up to look at him he just kind of hugged me acted like he was very thankful to be down,” said Reynolds.

Animal control officers say “Roofus” is a stray. He didn’t live at the home on which he was stuck. They are hoping his rightful owners will come forward.

For now, “Roofus” appears to be in reasonably good health — a tad underweight, but otherwise fine.

They’ve puzzled on how he could have gotten up there, but realize it’s likely to remain a mystery.

“It’s a tough one because there’s no steps he could climb up but being next to the greenbelt there are trees next to this persons house. And some of the trees are bent and leaning over so we think it’s possible he may have used the trees to climb up and get up on the roof.”

Rescuers report that Roofus is very friendly with people and was likely someone’s pet at some point.

If no one claims him, he could go up for adoption.

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  1. Yes, there is much, way too much abuse of helpless animals. Then again, my daughter works at Petsmart and meets with so many good folks daily, who rescue and keep dogs and cats trashed by the road, in the desert, in parking lots etc. Good vs. evil. It never ends.


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