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Dog Rescued After Spending a Night Stranded on River Bank Ledge

by Katherine

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Last Saturday afternoon, Lilly, a Labrador retriever, and her owner were walking along the Peace River in the northern BC town of Hudson’s Hope when the dog took off on her own and ended trapped on a ledge 50 feet above the river. Lilly had to spend the night on the ledge, but the next morning she was rescued and reunited with her worried and anxious owner.

Photo Credit: RCMP
Photo Credit: RCMP

When Lilly took off to explore the area on her own, she fell 200 feet off a cliff and got stranded on the ledge. The dog’s owner couldn’t reach the dog and authorities were call to help reunite Lilly with her distressed owner.

Hudson’t Hope RCMP and local firefighters arrived on the scene Sunday morning and started their rescue mission. It was necessary to use a ladder and some rope to secure Lilly and lower her to safety.

According Beacon News, Cpl. Dan Moskaluk of the RCMP said “the rescuers worked diligently in less [than] perfect conditions, given the Peace’s heavy currents and high winds blowing down the river valley that day.”

Once Lilly was lowered to the river bank, she took a dip in the water and stopped to take a long drink. Her owner was nervously waiting to embrace her beloved pet and make sure the dog had not suffered any serious injuries. Luckily, Lilly only had minor cuts from the fall.

Both dog and owner are now back home, getting back to their normal routine.