Dog Rescued From Death Row at the Very Last Minute Finds the Perfect Family 1,000 Miles Away

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1.25.17 Honeys Death Row Rescue


Honey, as named by the rescue group, was rescued from the streets of Tennessee in 2012. She was brought in by animal control to a kill shelter. A wonderful rescue group pulled her off of death row right before she was set to be put down.

I had lost my beloved best friend several months before and was looking for a companion for my other cocker spaniel. I read her tale of rescue and she sounded real sweet according to her foster mom. She called her a “velcro dog” because she never leaves your side. Honey looked so much like my dog that had passed, too. It seemed like fate.

We made arrangements to pick her up in May 2012. She made the trip up to the northeast from Tennessee in the middle of the night. She curled up in my lap for the long car ride home and looked at me with such love in her eyes, as if to say, “Thank you.”

Now, five years later, she has never left my side-whether I’m in bed, in the shower, on the phone or playing with my 15-month-old daughter, she has to be touching me. She hasn’t left my side since that car ride home. Honey is truly my best friend and my shadow. Rescued dogs are grateful to be alive, thrive on attention and just want to be loved.

Submitted to The Animal Rescue Site by Jennifer Harnett of Smithtown, NY