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Dog Rescued from Sewer in Florida

by Fred

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Facebook to the rescue, once again.  A post on the popular social media website is being credited in the rescue of a dog from a sewer in Lakeland, Florida.

An animal trapper, Dusty Showers, was contacted through Facebook about a dog that could be heard, but was nowhere to be seen.  The dog had been crying, stuck and very, very frightened.

Dusty came out, and throwing all personal safety out the window, climbed down the sewer drain.  It was full of broken glass and cockroaches, but Dusty was undeterred.

Dusty emerged with a 10-year-old Chihuahua moments later.  Mr. Jenkins, as the dog has been dubbed, is getting some much needed help from Dusty in helping him to find a new home.

6.30.14 - Dog Rescued from Sewer in Florida