Dog Returned to Shelter for ‘Clashing With Curtains’

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A British kennel worker was shocked to have a dog returned to the facility just 48 hours after it was adopted, and was horrified at the explanation given by the woman who returned the dog for ‘clashing with the curtains.’

The woman (who has not been named) adopted a Jack Russell named Harvey from the Jasmil Kennels and Cattery in Kent,  but brought the dog back just 48 hours later. Barry Shuttleworth, who runs the kennels, said “We had a woman come to see us a number of times, who loved a little Jack Russell we had called Harvey. It was perfect for her and she took it home. But she brought it back two days later saying it clashed with her curtains and thats why she didn’t want it.”

Shuttleworth’s, wife Corrina, said there had been a number of dogs returned for the wrong reason, but that this case was especially callous. “We told her to put him in another room, but two days later she brought him back and said she had spent a lot of money on her curtains and that she didn’t want Harvey any more.”

Mr Shuttleworth added: “Some people just don’t think about why they want a dog, and they need to so that so many dogs don’t end up unwanted. I would urge people to consider the implications of rehoming a dog before deciding on any action.”

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62 thoughts on “Dog Returned to Shelter for ‘Clashing With Curtains’”

  1. dear god. I have joked about things like this but never heard of one in real life. we DID have someone adopt a brindle [ostensibly] because he “went with her rugs,” but that home turned out to be heaven on earth for dogs.

  2. I’m almost speechless with this story. All I can say is that Harvey is a very lucky guy NOT to be living with a woman who is obviously suffering mental issues. Better in a kennel than in a home with a person who wants a dog for ornamentation only. Crazy……

  3. Horrible. I mean, I have a lot of green in my bedroom…oh gosh, my Basenji isn’t green, what now? That poor pup. He’s probably darling, and that woman doesn’t deserve him.

  4. Harvey is lucky to NOT have to stay with someone as shallow and calous as that. What a loser this woman is………I wonder if she were out walking and the public did not like what they saw could they just shoot her because she didn’t “fit” in with their “ideal”. Unresponsible people are the reason why animal shelters are full!


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