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Dog Returned to Shelter Four Times Just Wants a Forever Family from Santa!

by Fred

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Precious is a good dog, but for some reason, she’s been adopted from and returned to the same shelter four different times, and now has spent the better part of two years there!  This year for Christmas, all Precious wants is a forever family that will love her and NOT return her again.

Precious is a VERY energetic dog, and that very well could be what has put some people off from adopting her.  Let’s see what Underdog AZ has to say about her:


Precious lives up to her name! She loves people and wants to be a part of someones forever family desperately!  She enjoys cuddling, and running and playing with toys and REALLY really loves to chase the ball – please enjoy her video (below)!!! Precious has soft fur and takes treats very gently.

Precious will do best in an active home, ideally with kids because she just wants to love love love! Precious will do best with an active family that has the time to shower her with attention. She also would do fine in a home with one owner that is dedicated to throwing the ball every day. She is one versatile companion!


Precious is very well mannered, non-destructive, obeys all rules, has excellent manners and is patiently waiting for someone to say “I want you!” She is constantly seeking approval from her owner and only wants to make her owner happy. She would do fine if left alone in the house while her family is away or she can be kenneled with no issues, AGAIN, what versatile dog!

If interested in meeting Precious, or would like more information, please complete an Application or send email to [email protected].

To visit Precious’ webpage, click here.