Dog Saved in Dramatic River Rescue

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An exhausted, waterlogged dog is rescued after spending hours clinging to a tree in flood waters of the Rouge River in Southfield Michigan.

Rescue crews deployed a special, flat-bottomed boat to reach the dog, allowing animal control workers to pull it into the boat. Nicknamed Nemo, the female pit bull mix was taken to Michigan Veterinarian Specialists in Southfield: vets said she was saved just in time. She was suffering from hypothermia, broken nails and multiple lacerations.

“Nemo is hooked up to an IV pump. So, we’re getting some fluids there, and we also have a heating and warming blanket. The fluids are actually warmed as well to make sure that we try to get the temperature up,” said veterinarian Dr. Loretta Lee.

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  1. I thought I was going to chew my knuckles off while they struggled to get her in the boat. Thank you rescue workers for saving her.

  2. Thanks God she was a pitbull mix, wow, they are a very tuff and strong kind of dog, maybe another breed couldnt have the strengh to get through all this and survived :(( Poor baby

  3. That poor girl…..Soooo happy she was saved!!!! Thanks to her rescuers……Great job and thank God for people like you!!!


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