Dog Saves Five-Year-Old Boy Trapped in a Clothes Dryer from Suffocating

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A family in Ireland is thanking their lucky stars and their dog for rescuing their five-year-old son from a terrible fate.  Riley Gedge-Duffy somehow got trapped in the family clothes-dryer, and the machine turned on.  Teddy, the family dog, knew what had happened and saved Riley before it was too late.

“The dog was barking like mad and running backwards and forwards to the tumble dryer,” said the boy’s father, Aaron Duffy.  “Because it was so dark inside, she could not see where Riley was.”

Teddy barked and barked, all the time jumping and pawing at the appliance.  Once Riley’s mom got him out of the dryer, she immediately took him to the hospital to have him checked out.  He was treated for minor burns and bruising on his head, but physically, he’ll make a full recovery.  Despite his physical health, the poor guy was also a bit traumatized by the whole event.

“It doesn’t bear to think about what might have happened if the dog had not been there,” said Duffy.  We agree, that really must have been a scary event for any five-year-old to go through, let alone Riley, who had Down syndrome.  We’re sure Teddy will be getting a few extra treats and attention for the effort.  What a good dog.