Dog Saves Girl in Flash Flood

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In a final act of love, a family pet saves a young girl from the deadly currents of a flood-ravaged city.

As a wall of water swept through the Phillipine city of Cagayan De Oro on Friday,  seven-year-old Jennylou Yecyec, her parents Nilo and Marilou, their pregnant dog, and her brother Mark attempted to escape the rising flood by huddling together on the roof of their home. But when a 30 foot high swirling tide collided with the building it disintegrated – leaving the family and their pet in peril as they bobbed in the churning, violent current.

Marilou said she was clinging to floating debris as the family and their dog struggled to stay afloat. She watched helplessly as Jennylou and the dog were pulled away from them as a second surge of water pushed through the city.

Jennylou said the dog fought the force of the current to stay close to her. “It’s as if it did not want to leave my side,” she said. Struggling to stay afloat and gasping for breath, Jennylou said the dog started nudging her as if it wanted her attention. Weakened and fading, the young girl clung to the dog for safety.

“So I piggybacked on her and she did the swimming,” Jennylou recounted.

By this time, the family had been swept into the open sea. Jennylou said the already exhausted canine made a final and forceful push, navigating toward a plank of wood floating nearby. She says she was able to cling to the log, but when she turned to find her rescuer, she was too late: its mission accomplished, the weary dog drew one last breath before it went under and was swallowed up by the rolling tide it had labored to save Jennylou from. It would never be seen again.

At daybreak, Jennylou, her family, and other flood survivors were plucked from the sea by a fleet of rescue boats. Marilou said the family owes the dog – a dog that they never even named – a debt of gratitude for its devotion to her daughter. Jennylou agrees.

Speaking from the evacuation center where her family has taken temporary shelter, the heartbroken young girl knows that she very likely owes her life to the love of a faithful pet. “I would have died if not for our dog,” she said.


16 thoughts on “Dog Saves Girl in Flash Flood”

  1. Wow so just because they did not name her they are horrible people that should never have a dog again? That is absurd, no one knows the circumstances but the family, different cultures view things differently, does not mean they did not love the dog any less.

    • Reading comprehension is necessary when following a conversation. No one said they should never own a dog again. What I said was I thought the dog made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up her life for the child and the family couldn’t even be bothered to give her name. No one said they were horrible. I said I thought they were ungrateful. Again, please reread paragraph if you do not understand the point Im trying to make.

      • I can comprehend the comments just fine maybe it is you that need to learn how to comprehend when following a conversation, or maybe read all of the posts before you make a unfounded comment.

        From Elizabeth Hill “I hope these people never own an animal again. They couldn’t even bother to name it? Disgusting.”

  2. If you have children, do any of them NOT have names? That dog was a member of their family and saved that childs’ life. The very least they could have done was give the dog a name.

    • Only people can measure love with names!!! Love by a definition is nameless!!! If you have a child do you really call him/her only by name or you use nickname like love, sweety, baby, honey …. They probably called her with some nickname but she does not have a proper one and that does not mean that they did not love her!!!

      Do you really think that if a mom dog does not give her puppy a name that she does not love him? Animals does not have a names in natur and they still love each others. People all have names – but we kill each other, not for food but for stupidity!!!

  3. This is so sad. I sure hope that the family if they ever get another dog will take the time to name it and I hope that they love it and respect it enough to give it a good life. Animals deserve all the respect and love that we can give them. This is a very sad story.

  4. why are people so hung up about the fact that the dog wasn’t named. Culturally they may not name their animals, or they hadn’t agreed on a name, or they called it dog, that is not the point of the story and just because the dog wasn’t name doesn’t mean they didn’t love it. It’s a touching tribute to a loving dog, that I am sure they loved and will remember for the rest of their lives. Don’t be so critical of cultures and families that live their lives “differently” from us. Rejoice in the fact that the dog is a true hero in the eyes of the ones she loved.

  5. Teresa Vincent:
    “After all that dog did and they couldn’t even be bothered to name the dog. Ingrates.”

    Obviously they feel indebted to their dog, which has nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t name it. People in other countries of different cultures have different relationships with their pets. Don’t just project your sense of American superiority on the way foreigners treat their pets. They often don’t have the means to spoil their dogs the way we do. You embarrass yourself and other Americans when you act in a catty manner about it.

    • Since when did I say I was American? In this country I am entitled to freely give my opinion. If you don’t like it… tough. I don’t care. You don’t know if they feel indebted to the dog or not. Maybe they are upset the dog is gone because they didn’t get a chance to eat the puppies. Different cultures and all.

      • You shouldn’t be posting comments if you can’t read. It blatantly says so in the article. Good job. You are everything that is wrong with the internet…while it may be a vehicle for people coming together and sharing insightful ideas, unfortunately it doesn’t screen for imbecility.

  6. I’m from Manila, Philippines. Although most pet owners here have a special for their pets, some people simply just give them the “generic” name like puppy, Chuchu, Brownie, Whitie, Blackie and for cats, Miming or Muning. Whatever we name them, we love them just the same. Even homeless people and beggars here have their own pets and they don’t deprive their pets the love and food they need.


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