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Dog Saves His Teen Family Member from Brutal Attack

by Melanie

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A teenage girl’s life was likely saved by her fiercely protective dog, who stopped a man from carrying out what could have been a deadly sexual attack on her.

A 14-year-old girl was walking her dog near a Frisbee golf area in her Portland, Oregon neighborhood around 8:20 on Wednesday morning when she was accosted.

“It always seems like there’s lots of kids running around, lots of families.  Doesn’t seem like a place where something like that would happen,” said neighbor Tyler Thayer.

An unknown man caught her unaware and forced her to the ground.  Her dog bit the man, who leaped up and ran off.

“I’m not entirely surprised about that,” said David Gay, another resident.  “You know, man’s best friend… if a dog loves the owner, the dog will protect the owner at any cost.”

The girl was not badly injured, but did seek medical care.  Neighbors are highly disturbed at the prospect of such an attack occurring in their peaceful community.

“A little weird actually. I mean it’s right back there behind our house. It’s kind of strange that there’s some guy who thinks he could get away with that,” said Tyler said.

Officers and K-9s swept the area, but did not find the man, who was described as being white, in his 40s, and smelling “like pot.”

Police are asking witnesses to call 503-823-3333.  Anyone with other information  is directed to call 503-823-0400.