Dog Saves Orphaned Baby Squirrel

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An orphaned baby squirrel was left helpless after falling from a tree in a forest in Inverness, Scotland, and the lucky youngster has a dog to thank for saving him. ‘Squirelly’ is being raised by the Scottish SPCA at their National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

His caretakers say the week old red squirrel stood little chance of survival outside of the nest. Fortunately, a compassionate canine found the stranded animal. An area dog owner was surprised when his pet returned from a walk with the unexpected find: the caring dog had gently carried the young rodent all the way home in its mouth.

Center manager Colin Seddon said, “Squirelly really struggled when he first came in but he is now feeding well. He’s being syringe-fed every two to three hours, between 6am and 11pm, and he’ll then be moved on to solid food.”

“Soon we’ll be keeping handling to a minimum to ensure he doesn’t become tame. Squirrelly will stay with us until he’s about ten weeks old and he’ll then be released back into the wild.”

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  1. A Cocker Spaniel I had did that once. she found a baby squirrel and brought it to me. I fed it and then found a woman that raised baby squirrels that had lost their mothers and she took care of it. It is a lot of work just like any baby.

  2. Just when I thought I could not love dogs any more than I already do. Way to go, pooch!!! <3 <3 Lucky little squirrel, found by a four-legged angel. Wishing both a long happy lives!

  3. my Rottweiller/shepard mix brought home 2 baby bunnies (at different times) same way! I took the first omne to Naples Conservancy & the 2ond we let go a few days near his rabbit hole after we made sure he would survive


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