Dog Adopted After Spending 8 Years in Shelter

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After spending years waiting patiently for a forever home, a shelter dog has been given her first taste of freedom – and we have you to thank for making it happen.

Hailey in her new home.

Many of our readers were heartbroken to hear the tale of an 8 year old dog languishing in a rural Missouri pound after spending her entire life in confinement. Our inbox was flooded with your questions after we shared her Petfinder listing recently, and it was apparent that many of you were on a mission to spring Hailey from her kennel at the Dogwood Animal Shelter. We’re happy to tell you that mission has been accomplished.

Late last week, an anonymous man took her home. The shelter was bombarded with correspondence from around the world after you shared her story, and told us that they were taking calls from as far away as the U.K. After a few hectic days, Hailey’s new guardian was selected from a list of applicants.  He tells the shelter that aside from being slightly anxious at times, she’s settling in well. Considering that she spent so many years in a kennel, that’s a solid start.

We’ll offer another follow up when Hailey is fully settled. In the meantime, please know that you made all of the difference for this sweet, deserving dog. Thank you for another success story.

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Hailey is celebrating her 8th birthday. She has been at Dogwood Animal Shelter since she was two months old. This is the longest a dog has ever been at Dogwood – a no kill shelter in Osage Beach, MO.

Hailey has been at the shelter longer than any other animal, coming to Dogwood as a puppy in June of 2004. Solid black dogs are difficult to adopt. That must be part of the reason for her extended stay, because Hailey is a great dog.

Dogwood’s bittersweet newsletter listing for Hailey broke our hearts: Happy birthday to Hailey, happy birthday to me! Having another birthday here at the shelter is kinda bittersweet. I love having a birthday – all the attention and goodies! But it’s also a reminder that one more year has passed and I still don’t have a home of my own. I’ve been here longer than anyone else; came when I was two months and I was eight years old April 1st! Could you come by the shelter soon? Maybe take me for a walk or just give me a pat on the head for my birthday. I’ll take whatever love you give.

She minds well, is great on a leash, and is extremely sweet and loving. She loves to roll in the grass, though she doesn’t get many opportunities. She is particular about what dogs will be her friends, however. Hailey is spayed, house trained, and weighs 64 pounds.

And she needs to be free. Please open your heart and your home to this deserving girl. For all pertinent information, please visit her Petfinder listing.

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  1. We adopted a dog many years ago who had spent her first 7 years in a no-kill shelter. We were her first and last home. She was the sweetest girl, a lab/shep mix. Very healthy, and died at the age of 14,

    I hope this sweet dog gets a loving home. She deserves it.

    • Linda, I am considering adopting a 4 yr old male lab mix (90lbs!) Who has been at a shelter since he was 5mos. I am concerned about what I may be getting into. Can you offer me any advice? The shelter people tell me he is a bit timid at first and pretty calm and laid back otherwise.

  2. Please keep us posted as to Hailey’s future….if no one takes her in a month let’s rally to find her a home, full on effort!

    • that is a great idea San Gordon!!!! Lets keep her posted across our fb pages… keep moving her back up every week….

      i am going to send this to a bunch of rescues here in illinois.. see if anyone can get her to a new area and foster her… wouldnt want to change shelters on her. would have to be a foster home from there if not an adoption….

  3. I do not understand this problem with people not wanting to adopt black dogs. What is wrong with people?

    Complete stupidity!

    Poor Hailey, I hope someone living nearby will provide her a forever home. She deserves to have a normal life. If I didn’t have so many fur kids already and lived on the east side of the country I would go get her.


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