Dog Stands Guard Over Fallen Friend While Humans Do Nothing

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WARNING!  This video is LOADED with feels!  This poor dog was hit by a car trying to cross a busy road with his friend.  The frantic dog is standing guard, trying to protect his fallen friend, and people just drive past.  Man truly is the cruelest animal on the planet…


Kind Dog Shows Compassion For Another DogThe more I know humans, the more I like animals!This dog shows a lot more compassion than most humans by trying to protect and take care of his friend who suffered an ”accident”, while humans did nothing to help. Animals have souls and emotion that most humans seem to lack…

Posted by Veganism Is The Future on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


150 thoughts on “Dog Stands Guard Over Fallen Friend While Humans Do Nothing”

  1. Maybe the person taking this video, was waiting to see if the second dog would get hit too. Some people like blood and guts as long as it isn’t them or theirs. Sick, but true. No clue as to what has happened to the human race. Some just don’t care,, or they care only about themselves.. Sad, but I bet Satan loves it.

  2. just want to know if the dog is ok, does anything else really matter… worry about other B.S. people later…

  3. did someone ever rescue those dogs If were ther I would help people can be so cruel an heartless I hope somebody rescued them


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