Dog Still Looking for a Home Nine Months after Superstorm Sandy

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jerseyIt has been nine months since Superstorm Sandy, but one dog is still waiting for life to go back to normal.

Jersey, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, is currently staying at Popcorn Park after his owner finally had to surrender him when he was unable to find a new home that would take him and his dog.

When Sandy hit last fall Jersey’s owner stayed by Jersey’s side until the devastation finally drove them out of their home.

“He was trying to keep him,” said Popcorn Park employee Sandy Hickman. “He was using a blanket on the dog instead of himself. He just couldn’t stay with the mold and water issues.”

For months Jersey’s owner tried to find a place that would allow him to have a dog a big as Jersey, but he had no luck. He was heartbroken and had to turn Jersey over to Popcorn Park.

Jersey was just as heartbroken. Popcorn Park employees worked for months to bring Jersey back around. With all that hard work Jersey is now ready to find a new home. He’s great with people including kids, but needs a home without other pets.

For more information on Jersey call 609-693-1900 or visit

7 thoughts on “Dog Still Looking for a Home Nine Months after Superstorm Sandy”

    • I would think that if the original owner were able to get his dog back, he would have done so by now. It’s a sad story, but one that will hopefully end happily for Jersey.

  1. Considering he is Belgian Malinois, wouldn’t he be a possible candidate for a security dog or police dog or something?

  2. Can’t someone come forward and help the original owner (AND SOMETIMES CIRCUMSTANCE AFFECTS ALL OF US) to get his dog back.
    For goodness sakes, he took good care of his dog.
    Isn’t there one caring person in all of New Jersey who can help this man get the dog back that he loves?

    Christ sakes.

  3. SAR groups and K9 networking has a lot of cops, someone was just looking for a Malinois… Also a Germen Shepherd Rescue would take him, they could check with GSRNE in MA. They train someof the appropriate rescues for the police in the Boston area.

  4. I second that. Why can’t a charity be started. if 200,000 facebook members gave 1.00 this man could purchase a house paid in cash, bring his beloved dog home and have left over to furnish the house. I wish I knew how to do this I would start it myself.

    • Me too! I would give. Could the location where Jersey is staying….perhaps they could start one. I woud love to help.


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