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Dog Stolen Five Years Ago Reunites with Owner

by Katherine

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Five years ago, Claudette Hanna from Alto Loma, Calif., was devastated when her then five-year old Boston Terrier named Chloe got snatched off her backyard, but thanks to a microchip the long lost dog found her way home on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015.

Brian and Chloe reunite. Photo credit: Brian Hanna
Brian and Chloe reunite.
Photo credit: Brian Hanna

Unfortunately, Claudette passed away three years ago not knowing what happened to her beloved pet, but her husband, Brian Hanna, is excited to have Chloe back home where she belongs.

“It brought me joy to know the dog that meant so much to my late wife is back with me,” Brian told The Sun.

Last Thursday, Wendy Day spotted the pet running around her neighborhood but lost sight of it when the dog ran into a yard. Day’s husband found the dog at their front door that afternoon when he got back home from work. The couple kept the dog over night and the next morning took her to The Animal Care Wellness Center in San Bernardino hoping the Boston Terrier had a registered microchip.

Luckily, the now ten-year old dog had a registered microchip. The animal clinic contacted Brian and the happy reunion was made possibly.

When Brian received the phone call from the animal clinic, he couldn’t believe Chloe had been found. The dog was in excellent health, well fed and groomed, the difference was the gray hair around her snout.

Chloe who no longer responds to that name is now back home being pampered by her truthful owner. She has a four-legged brother, another Boston Terrier named Jack, who belongs to Brian’s new partner.

Chloe, Jack, Brian and Monique are enjoying their life as now the family is complete.