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Dog Struck by Car Spends a Week Crawling Six Miles to Safety

by Melanie

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A Russian street dog was struck by a car, but the driver was unable to find him in the snow.  Miraculously, a week later he was found six miles away – very badly injured, but alive.  Pirate is now on the path to recovery.

Ignat Bobrov was traveling on a road outside the city of Blagoveshchensk when he hit something.  He wasn’t sure what, but pulled over to search for a wounded animal.  He was unable to find anything, but reported the incident to police.


9.23.15 - Dog Struck by Car Crawls Six Miles to Safety1


Officers saw animal tracks in the snow, but no sign of the animal in question.  Amazingly, one week later, the dog turned up in a yard just outside the city.

Veterinarian Elena Sidorova treated the severely wounded dog.  His legs were broken and his pelvis shattered.  It is truly astounding that he not only survived, likely on just snow, but that he managed to drag his nonfunctional legs six miles to safety.


9.23.15 - Dog Struck by Car Crawls Six Miles to Safety2


“Considering what he went through, he was in surprisingly good shape. Of course he cannot walk properly yet, but he has now managed to stand,” Sidorova said.

“We are confident that the rehabilitation will be successful and that Pirate will be able to run again. The main thing is that his appetite is good and that will help him to get his strength back.”

It is unknown if Pirate has an owner – so far none has been found – but once the story made its way around the area, offers for donations came pouring in.  Hopefully adoption applications will, too.