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Dog Survives Being Shot in the Head, Now Looking for Loving Home


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There is one lucky dog in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

Besides suffering from blindness in one eye as a result of his attack, Buck hasn’t shown any other signs of abuse. Most importantly, Buck hasn’t lost any love or affection for people.

“He’s very active, so he’s going to need a home where he has space needs, a little bit of training but he meets people extremely well. He’s not tentative with people, he’s not nervous in any way at all,” said Darrold Gould, executive director for Bide Awhile animal shelter. “He’s just a very happy dog.”

Following his attack, Buck underwent eye surgery. He has also been neutered and given all of his needles. Staff at the shelter say Buck is ready to be a loving companion in a nice home.

Buck was brought into Dartmouth’s Bide Awhile animal shelter two weeks ago. It is believed that he sustained his injuries six to twelve months ago.

After the vet did a close examination of Buck’s X-ray, he found 50 pellets lodged in poor Buck’s skull.

Dr. Gerry Solomon, who has been practicing as a vet for 33 years, was shocked at the extent of Buck’s injuries.

“To me, it’s just unbelievable that somebody would do that to a dog,” Solomon said.

“I guess a lot of the pellets stayed pretty superficial,” Solomon said, “They didn’t penetrate vital nerves or brain tissue.”

Buck was extremely fortunate that he was able to recover from his injuries. Many animals who enter the shelter are not quite as lucky.

“We see dogs and cats — both — that the abuse has been beyond. Some we can’t help, there’s nothing we can do for them, they’ve been somebody’s punching bag,” said Gould.

It is not yet known who hurt Buck. For now, staff at the shelter are looking to adopt Buck to a loving family.

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Buck is recovering from his injuries and ready to find his forever home.