Dog Survives Crossbow Shot to the Head

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There is no doubt, whoever shot Ziggy with a crossbow did it deliberately.

The two year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found last week by two motorists in Wansford, Peterborough in England. The dog survived his attempted close range murder and then roamed a wooded area for two days. During this time, the pet had a 20 in. carbon fiber arrow lodged in his throat and head, but thanks to rescuers the pet is now recovering.

Ziggy when found (left) and after surgery (right). Photo Credit: SWNS
Ziggy when found (left) and after surgery (right). Photo Credit: SWNS

According to The Telegraph the dog was shot and left for dead in the woods, but when the motorists spotted him, the Staffie was rescued and rushed to veterinarians.

“Despite this bolt going straight through Ziggy’s head it miraculously missed his brain, ear capsule and eyes – I could not quite believe it,” RSPCA spokesperson Justin Stubbs told the Western Daily Press.

It is a miracle the dog survived this injury.