Dog Swept by Waters Found alive 24 Hours Later

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For Brian Turley from Morrison, Col., what was meant to be a relaxing family hike on June 12, 2015, turned into a nightmare when his seven-year-old golden Labrador was swept away by strong currents in Bear Creek. The family saw their pet get sucked under a bridge and disappear. Fortunately, the pet was found alive and well 24 hours later.

Turley told 9 News, that he was carrying his backpack and young son when his dog named Mia stepped into the water to retrieve a stick. The dog lost her footing and the current took her away.

Brian Turley after reuniting with his dog Mia.
Brian Turley after reuniting with his dog Mia.

The pet owner quickly entered the water to try to rescue his pet, but he realized the stream was too deep and the current too dangerous for him to attempt a rescue on his own. As he tried to get back to shore he saw how his dog struggled to swim against the current and was then sucked under a nearby bridge, that was the last time he saw his pet that day.

Filled with fear, Turley called family members, friends and authorities for help locating Mia. A search and rescue team was organized but a few hours later the search mission was suspended because of incoming rain storms.

The following day the anxious pet owner returned to the creek and walked along it hoping to find Mia. His heart was broken when he had to walked back to his car empty handed.

As Turley walked back to the park, he spotted a man with a dog in the parking lot, and as soon as the dog saw Turley, the pet recognized her true owner and ran towards him to greet him.

The dog caring for Mia wishes to remain anonymous, he told Turley he was about to start a hike when he came upon the dog. The man had no intentions of stopping, but when he heard the dog cry he stopped to help. With no owner on sight, the man took the dog back to his car and called authorities, and that’s when Turley reunited with his four-legged best friend.

It is a miracle Mia is alive after getting swept by the water. The dog had no major injuries from the incident, just a limp. Turley says in the future he will be more careful when handling Mia near creeks.