Dog That Survived Being Tossed-Off Cliff in California Is Adopted by Her Foster Family

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That’s right folks, we have ANOTHER foster failure, which is not really a bad thing at all.  A female pit bull that was thrown off a 15-20-foot cliff in California and survived thanks in part to a bush breaking her fall has been adopted by the family that was fostering her.

The incident occurred not that long ago in Los Angeles, and the whole thing was caught on a home surveillance system.  Witnesses said the dog was thrown in the air over a cliff that was quite steep.  Had there not been a bunch of bushes down below, we might be telling a very different story.

A man named Reuben Roque had agreed to foster the dog, and his family took to calling her Hera, after the Greek goddess.




“It’s been rough just not knowing which direction things were going to go and it was such a waiting game,” said Roque on adopting Hera.

Law enforcement and animal control in the area are working together to figure out who threw poor Hera over the cliff and arrest them so they can be brought to justice.  So far the investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

Hera has been fixed and microchipped now, and Reuben and his family fell in love with her.  She’s a wonderful and patient dog, and despite being treated in just about the worst way we could imagine, she’s still 100 percent full of love.  The family knew there was no way they weren’t going to make her a permanent addition.



6 thoughts on “Dog That Survived Being Tossed-Off Cliff in California Is Adopted by Her Foster Family”

  1. what a sick, fat, ugly piece of crap. Big tough dude throwing a helpless dog over a cliff. ..Makes me sick . I hope he never gets to own an animal again. Sure wish some REAL tough guy would show this piece of shit what it feels like to be defenseless and vulnerable. ..and then shove him off a cliff. !

  2. That fat useless POS. Loser waste of space slacker, I could go on and on. Plaster his face around all pizza, donut, and 7-11s. Poor dog, thank God she found the home she was always meant to have. For the flubber idiot who threw her away, they will find you and toss you over a higher cliff.

  3. I love stories about foster failures. I’m sure I would be one. That’s why I can’t be a foster mom. I’d wind up with a house full of furbabies!

  4. Oh so these are now called “foster failures”? Yet another new phrase. Well, at least “failures” is being used properly instead of “fails”. Can we stop coming up with new phrases and terms. Thanks.

  5. I also enjoy,and speed metal.i can,t understand how anybody could do that to a animal. I could never hurt my pitmix.


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