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Dog Thrown From Moving Vehicle is Uninjured and Looking for a Loving Forever Home


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One lucky dog had someone watching over her, after she was viciously tossed out of a car window into oncoming traffic in Pueblo, Colorado.

Fortunately for Sweetie, a black Labrador retriever, Melissa Dunaway’s stepchildren witnessed the incident. The kids were playing outside when they saw the dog get tossed out the window. They quickly ran to Dunaway, who darted towards the dog to save her.

“[The person] who did this didn’t even slow down, and tried to throw her in front of an oncoming car,” Dunaway said when she first notified 11 News about Sweetie’s ordeal. “Luckily she bounced and hit the curb before the car could hit her.”

Dunaway is outraged that someone not only throw the dog away, but also leave her to fend for herself. Dunaway has been a pet owner her entire life and has a great level of compassion for animals.

“I think that’s absolutely horrible how anyone could do something like that to an animal,” Dunaway said.

After filing a report about the incident, Dunaway is determined to find the culprit.

“I’d like to find out who did this to the dog, and I’d like to see him prosecuted.”

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Sweetie will be looking to find her forever home, with a loving family.

For now, Sweetie is getting great hospitality with Dunaway and her family.

Amazingly, Sweetie received no physical injuries from the ordeal. She was, however, emotionally affected by the incident. She moved slowly around the home, keeping her tail between her legs, Dunaway explains. Only two days later, Sweetie is showing signs of improvement.

“Her ears are up, she’s running around and playing,” said Dunaway.

Dunaway believes Sweetie was abused long before she was thrown from the car window, as she has several scars on her body.

With the right family, who will provide love and nurturing for Sweetie, Dunaway is convinced she will be a great companion. Sweetie is scheduled for a vet visit to get her check up before being put up for adoption. Dunaway will continue to foster Sweetie until she finds her forever home.

It is alleged that the suspect was driving a red van or SUV. It is believed he had a chihuahua with him as well. He is described as a white, or light-skinned Hispanic man, with a shaved head. The incident took place on West 16th Street in the High Park area of Pueblo, Colorado.

Anyone who can offer information, or who would be interested in adopted Sweetie is invited to contact Dunaway direcltly, at [email protected]. Any emails will be forwarded to PAWS for Life in Pueblo, who will take care of Sweetie’s adoption. Given Sweetie’s past, Dunaway is requesting that only experienced dog owners apply.