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Dog Tricks Passersby into Playing Fetch!

by Amy Drew

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Sue is a border collie. She lives in the Netherlands. And like many dogs, she has an Instagram account.

Now, border collies are well known for their smarts and Sue is no exception. She’s figured out a super clever way to find fetch partners and it’s pretty simple: she tosses her own ball over the fence and sits, looking sad, pretending she lost it, until someone comes by and tosses it back over so she can chase it!

Then back over it goes, either to this new willing playmate who might stay and toss it a few times for her, or the next silly human who gets duped into Sue’s fun little charade.

Check out the above video to see how many people get roped into Sue’s world!

“She’s done this since she was a puppy,” Sue’s owner, Kelly Dobbe, told The Dodo. “She barks in the morning at the door to go outside, then wants to stay until 6 pm when she gets hungry and tired. She is sad when it’s raining, because she can’t play outside.”

What’s nice is that Sue never has to wait very long for a new playmate.

“In the beginning, I was surprised, but now it’s so normal,” Dobbe said. “During the weekend it is very busy at the fence. Sometimes cars also stop to throw the ball back.”

Smart cookie, Sue!