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Dog Victims in Tennessee Hoarding Case up for Adoption

by Fred

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Just over a week after a rescue team from Union County, Tennessee took more than 136 dogs from a home as part of a hoarding case, most of the dogs are available for adoption.  In this short period of time just after the ordeal, almost all of the dogs are now in the loving care of rescue shelters across the United States. homes.

Tammy Rouse, executive director of Union County Humane Society said there’s only about 14 dogs still waiting for someplace to go.  Whether off to a different rescue shelter that can house them short term and hopefully find them a new forever family, or being adopted from the local Humane Society, the future is looking up for these dogs.

“All of these dogs were inside the home,” said Rouse. “None of them were allowed outside, so as you might imagine, the conditions inside were virtually unlivable.”

As one could imagine, the dogs have trust issues with humans still.  They’ll need to be with families that are willing to put a bit of work and have a good deal of patience, but the payoff will be worth it.

“How these animals have survived and done as well as they have, is nothing short of miraculous really,” she said. “They’ve just done so well with love and care and grooming.”

The local Humane Society is very grateful to it’s partners and the community.  A fundraiser was set up, and over the $8,000 mark was raised to go towards medical care, grooming and housing.

“To see the love and support from our community to help us get through this situation has been heartwarming, and we’re so grateful,” Rouse said.

3.23.15 - hoarding dogs