Dog Who Lost His Ears Gets Earless Doll To Cuddle

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Scooby’s burns are healing and he is now quite affectionate with members of the veterinary team. Photo: BluePearl Veterinary Partners


Little Scooby is convalescing.

A couple of weeks back, he and another dog were left in a car while their owners went into a food pantry to collect supplies. When a fire started in the car, the other dog was able to escape — but Scooby wasn’t — and he suffered very serious burns that necessitated the removal of his ears.

He can hear just fine, but even so, the staffers at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Blaine, MN, wanted him to know he was still beautiful and very much loved, so vet tech Leah Falon decided to make 3-year-old Scooby a Hello Kitty doll who looked like him!

“[She] him the stuffed toy because she didn’t want him to feel lonely,” BluePearl spokesperson Carrie O’Brion told TODAY in an email.

Scooby cuddles with Leah Falon, who made his new Hello Kitty doll. Photo: BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Scooby’s vet bills were covered by Frankie’s Friends, a nonprofit that helps cover the cost of crucial medical care for pet owners in need.

Scooby has been getting lots of love as he heals at the hospital and seems to take comfort in his earless doll. He carries it around with him, and naps on top of it.

“At first, he didn’t want anyone to touch him because everything hurt. But now that he’s feeling better, he’s really affectionate. He’s started asking for belly rubs,” Falon said. “He’s so sweet and he has these really soulful eyes.”

Scooby is recovering well, but will need some post-op care and has to wear booties to protect his burned paws for now.

Once discharged, Scooby will live with one of BluePearl’s vet techs until his people are able to take him home for good.