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Dog Who’s Suffered a Lifetime of Abuse and Physical Ailments Is Now Happy and Healthy

by Melanie

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This epic saga comes to you from Trio Animal Foundation

Original post, August 19th:  HOW DO YOU EVEN BEGIN TO PROCESS SUCH EVIL? WHAT PIECE OF HUMAN FILTH DOES THIS TO A DOG? Today, some extremely concerned Chicago police officers reached out for help after they saw a horrifically abused dog eating out of a garbage bag on the south side of Chicago. They tried to catch the dog but had no luck. It would take a torrential downpour for the pup to finally seek shelter underneath a porch so that she could be cornered and caught by one of TAF’s trusted friends, Frank. Frank is also the man that dropped everything to pick up Augustus. At this point we don’t have much information to give about Halo’s medical condition… these photos don’t do justice as to what Halo looks like in person. Halo looks to be a Mastiff, Cane Corso or the mix of both breeds. She has very large paws, is tall and looks like she should have at least 50 extra pounds on her. Her emaciated state has put her in critical condition and when it was finally time to bring her back for testing she was no longer strong enough to stand on her own.




She has double eye entropion (Entropion is an abnormality of the eyelids in which the eyelid “rolls” inward. This inward rolling often causes the hair on the surface of the eyelid to rub against the cornea resulting in pain, corneal ulcers or corneal erosions) and demodectic mange that covers her entire body. Most of her fur is missing and black, leather-like skin is what remains in its place. Her ears are so infected and full of yeast that they are making her miserable on top of everything else. There isn’t a square inch of her body that hasn’t been affected by abuse. Halo is at the same ER vet that Augustus and Edward are at receiving medical care. Different specialists are being called in to see what medical conditions to address first. At this point, all of her organs might start shutting down due to starvation and severe dehydration and the next 24 hours are critical for her survival. At this point we are just have to wait and pray. Today was a breaking point for us and at this point we just have to turn it over and have faith in Halo’s medical team. She looked like she gave up but her medical team did not. A huge thank you to the CPD, Frank, Cindy and Katie for making sure that Halo was safely caught and brought to the ER Vet. 




October 7th:  Halo went to the vet for a check-up and her medical team is very pleased with how she is recovering from her near-death condition.

Since coming into our care, Halo has gained 30 pounds and now weighs in at 72 pounds! Her fur has filled in over 90% of her body and she has one more application of the medication that helps her body to fight off the mites that have caused her demodectic mange. Her eyes are much better, and she will have her next ophthalmologist appointment soon to determine when she can have eye entropian surgery. Halo’s ear infections have resolved and now just require maintenance cleaning.

Halo continues to be very friendly and happy with the people she knows, and slightly reserved with new people and situations. (She was stressed out meeting new people at the vet today.) We are ramping up her positive reinforcement training program to help her learn that the world isn’t the scary place she knew just a few months ago.

Getting Halo to where she is now has been a lot of hard work and a labor of love. TAF is committed to ensuring that Halo continues to receive the best medical care possible as well as emotional support to make her feel whole again.




October 13th:   Alma and Halo (right) were all smiles and had a great today! It is truly amazing just how far these two have come after the abuses they endured.

After putting on 30 pounds and just receiving her last treatment for mange, Halo is finally ready to have her eye entropion surgery next Friday. She will finally get the relief that we have all been praying and waiting for.


Since coming into our care over 2 months ago, Halo has gained 30 pounds and now weighs in at 72 pounds! Her fur has filled in over 90% of her body and she just received her last treatment for demodectic mange. It has been a long time coming but Halo is finally ready for her last big hurdle. Tomorrow, Halo will be going in for double eye entropian surgery.

We are asking that everybody keep Halo in their thoughts and prayers before, during and after her surgery.




October 20th:  Halo’s vet just called to give an update on how her surgery went. He said she did well and recovered quickly. He was able to correct the bottom lids on both of her eyes. Once she was sedated he was able to see that the bottom lids/eyelashes were definitely making contact with her eyeballs, while the top lids were not. Because she still needs to gain another 15-20 pounds, we elected to not correct the top lids and hope that the additional weight will provide enough padding to push her eyeballs out more. This will help prevent the top lids from ever causing irritation to her eyeballs.

The skin around Halo’s eyes was very thick, likely from a combination of the infection that was left untreated for so long, and also from her advanced case of demodex. He said her eye balls still look very healthy which is great news.

For the next two weeks we have to make sure she isn’t able to scratch/paw at her eyes which will be rough, but we know she will be more comfortable overall.

We ask that you continue to keep Halo in your thoughts and prayers as she must be pretty confused as to what is going on. When we get to see her tomorrow, we will be sure to post an update and photos.

A big thank you to those that are helping to sponsor Halo’s medical care. Because of you, she is receiving the best medical care possible.




November 4th:  Hooray!!! Halo is at the vet having the stitches removed from her eyelids!

November 10th:  We visited Halo today when we brought Clyde to the vet and picked up Cubbie. She is doing well after her having surgery on her eyelids. However, her right eye is starting to show signs of an infection/irritant today. If it continues, she may have to go under sedation for a more thorough examination. It takes about three people to hold Halo still and we don’t want to risk scratching her eye. There is a small chance that she may need another surgery but we do not know anything for sure yet.





Late last week Halo returned to the vet who performed her corrective eye entropian surgery to have her sutures removed. Before giving her the “all clear,” her vet wanted to stop giving her all the eye drops she was receiving to make sure there was no further irritation occurring. He needed to see what her baseline had become. We left her with him for the weekend so the medical team could monitor the condition of her eyes.

This morning, he decided to do a second surgery to further correct her right eye (which was the worst to begin with) and he feels confident that there will be no further rubbing against her eye.

While she was under he also performed a follow-up skin scrape and we are VERY happy that there were no mites present, meaning her demodectic mange is finally gone!

Halo will remain at the vet for a few days before coming back to TAF. Her happily ever after is almost here!




November 21st:  A beautiful friendship has blossomed between Halo and TAF’s therapy dog, Miller. By the expressions on their faces, it looks like they are having funny conversations and telling jokes… so incredibly sweet!

Stayed tuned for further updates on this big honey, who is now ready for a home.