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Doggie Hair-do’s and Don’ts

by Adrea

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As summer approaches and many human-types look at ways to fix their own hair into styles that will keep them cool and breezy and, perhaps, take a chance with trying a new streak of color or something more daring.  There are pet owners, too, who look to do something similar for their dogs.  You will find those who are huge fans and those who are dead-set against anything that appears less than natural.  Regardless, the good news for those who are looking to go a bit wild is there are products available on the market these days that, like similar human products, are non-toxic, wash out easily, and, of nothing else, let everyone have a little fun in the sun, but are made with dogs in mind.

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Dog hair gels, both clear and in a variety of colors, can be found that are non-toxic and considered safe, but as with anything, be sure you read the labels carefully.  And remember, human products may not be safe for use on animals.

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It is also important to remember to speak to your vet about whether shaving or cutting your dog’s hair is the right thing to do. As noted on PetMD, some dogs with thicker coats may benefit from some shaving in the heat of the summer, but recommend caution for short-haired dogs, not going shorter than 1″, as they can be susceptible to sunburn.  In fact, many hairless and short-hair breeds can get sunburned, so check into having dog-safe sunscreen on hand and using it per the directions.